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Cross Stitch Backpack - Unique Cross Stitch Project

This post isn't a tutorial, but I wanted to share one of my favorite completed cross stitch projects - a kid's backpack with cross stitch as the front panel.

A while ago, I completed a cross stitch piece from a Stoney Creek magazine that I wasn't quite sure what to do with because it didn't fit into my house theme. Since I had no idea how I wanted to display this piece, I set it to the side.

But, one day when I was searching for sewing projects, I stumbled across the perfect way to finish my cross stitch piece!

As soon as I saw the free backpack pattern by SewMuchADo, I knew I had to try to get the cross stitch piece onto the backpack. Instead of cutting out cotton fabric for the front of the backpack, I cut out my cross stitch and a piece of clear vinyl - I do not recommend this for a cross stitch piece that you will be devastated if you mess up (cutting and sewing errors can occur and potentially ruin your piece).

*Also, I omitted the bunny ears and tail from the sewing pattern.

Below are photos of many different angles of the backpack I sewed up. Although I had fun sewing up this project, it wasn't easy, but I am excited to gift this to a little girl someday to be played with.

*For anyone interested, the cross stitch portion of the backpack is "Ocean Fantasy" in the Stoney Creek Magazine Sept./Oct. 1996 Volume 8, Number 5.

Front of Cross Stitch Backpack  Front Angled view of cross stitch backpack

Open cross stitch backpack

Back of cross stitch backpack

inside of cross stitch backpack laying flat

If nothing else, I hope this helps show that you can be really creative with cross stitch if you want. Although framed pieces are beautiful, incorporating cross stitch into other projects is a fun, rewarding option.

Feel free to comment below about any of your cross stitch finishes (especially your favorites). :)

Thanks for reading!


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