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Free Dry-Erase Blackboard Cross Stitch Patterns

Even though I'm often busy working on patterns for sale in my shop, sometimes I'm in the mood to create something quick and simple that anyone can enjoy anytime, anywhere, and at no cost from me.

Recently I have really been enjoying motivational/inspirational pieces because they help me focus on the big picture of projects I am working on, so that is why I designed a simple "dreams" series.

If you want any of these patterns, simply click on the image of the pattern, or click on the caption below the image - both ways will bring you to the PDF version of the pattern.


 1) Dream

Free dream cross stitch pattern

Free "Dream" Cross Stitch Pattern


2) Work Toward Your Dream

Work Toward Your Dream free cross stitch pattern

Free "Work Toward Your Dream" Cross Stitch Pattern


3) Live the Dream

Live the Dream Free Cross Stitch Pattern

Free "Live the Dream" Cross Stitch Pattern


***Notes for Stitching***

The first design "Dream" was test stitched on 14 count black aida. For DMC 3812 (dark sea green), I stitched with two strands of DMC and stitched both legs of each X (full-cross). I stitched all the grey DMC colors with one strand of floss and only stitched one leg of each X (half-stitch). The back stitch around "Dream" was done with two strands of DMC 310.

The second and third patterns were not test stitched, so more decisions will have to be made while stitching. The words and background design on those two patterns aren't as intertwined as the first pattern, so it may look fine to stitch the grey as full crosses and not back stitch the words (no back stitch is charted for the last two patterns).


Creating a Dry-Erase Cross Stitch Blackboard

Of course, you can stitch these pieces and finish them however you want, but I would recommend finishing them into a "blackboard" that you can write on with neon or metallic dry erase markers.

To achieve the blackboard look, it is recommended to have a lot of fabric that is not stitched on in your framed piece.

Before you start stitching, decide were you would like the cross stitched design on your finished blackboard piece (bottom center, bottom right corner, top center, top left corner, center, etc...).

Make sure you actually stitch on the part of the fabric where you want the final design. For example, don't accidentally stitch in the middle of your fabric if you want the design to be at the bottom right corner of your finished piece.

For my piece, I decided that I wanted my stitching to be at the bottom center of my piece.


Dream free cross stitch pattern model stitch


Once you have the piece stitched, frame it in a large frame. The frame needs glass or clear plastic to work as a dry-erase blackboard. I chose a simple, black 11" by 14" frame with glass. You of course can frame it in a larger or smaller frame - just make sure you have enough fabric for whatever size frame you choose.

As I was framing, I put a piece of black fabric between my stitched piece and the white foam board I mounted my stitched piece on to make sure none of the white from my foam board would show through my piece.


Completed Dream blackboard cross stitch piece


Once the piece is framed, have some fun writing on the glass. Make sure you have neon or metallic dry erase markers - otherwise the writing will not show up very well. Write you to-do list, your dreams, or have fun doodling!


Dream cross stitch blackboard piece with dry erase writing

Thanks for checking out this post, and I hope you enjoy the free patterns!


~Lindsey (Owner of Cross Stitching Supplies)


March 23, 2021 at 20:53

Love this! My daughter has four very busy kids and this will be a cute message board. You could even just slap a sticky note on the glass! Thanks!

March 10, 2019 at 14:14

What an amazing idea! And just in time for a wedding gift. Thanks!!

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