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Nine Creative Ways to Finish Your Cross Stitch in 2019


2019 is quickly approaching, and as a crafter, you may be thinking about what crafts you want to complete next year.

Listed below are nine creative ways to finish your cross stitch pieces. Use these finishes as inspiration for your future cross stitch finishes.


1) Painted Frame with Fabric Flowers

Give your cross stitch an extra pop of originality by painting an old frame and attaching gorgeous fabric flowers.

- Get the Country Farm Fresh Eggs Cross Stitch Pattern


2) Cross Stitch Coasters

Use fabric glue to adhere completed cross stitch to coasters to create truly unique pieces for your home.

- Cross Stitch Coasters Tutorial


3) Simple Flat Finish

Some patterns don't need a flashy finish. For a piece that looks better without a frame, consider a flat finish. Wrap your cross stitch piece around foam board, mat board, or sticky board, and then prop up to admire.

- My Story Cross Stitch Pattern


4) Canvas Cross Stitch

Canvas Cross Stitch

Add some variety to your craft by stitching on a fabric covered canvas with yarn. A small design is needed, but these can be great, quick projects for seasonal decorations.

- Spider Canvas Cross Stitch Tutorial


5) Cross Stitch Game

Tic Tac Toe Cross Stitch Pattern

Have some fun with your completed pieces by framing a stitched activity or game behind glass or plexiglass. Don't forget to display the piece with a dry erase marker for endless hours of fun for family and friends.

- Simple Games Series Cross Stitch Booklet


6) Left Chest Cross Stitch

Cross stitch left chest on a shirt

Pick some small designs that would look great as an accent on a shirt, and stitch them using waste canvas. The right design can really add something great to a simple shirt.

- Stitching with Waste Canvas Tutorial


7) Pillow Finish

Create pieces that standout on shelves, dressers, or desks. Simply sew fabric to the back of the cross stitch piece and fill with polyester fiberfill, sawdust, or crushed walnut shells.

- Watching Fireworks Cross Stitch Pattern


8) Cross Stitch Flats

Cross Stitch Flats

Create one-of-a-kind footwear. Adhere cross stitch to a pair of flats for an affordable and incredibly unique pair of shoes.

- Cross Stitch Flats Tutorial


9) Ornament Flat Finish

Times like these Cross Stitch ornament

Add trim and a ribbon hanger to a flat finish to create a super cute cross stitch ornament.

- Times Like These Cross Stitch Pattern


Thanks for checking out this list of creative cross stitch finishes. I hope you will use some of these finishes as inspiration for your future pieces.


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Thanks for reading!


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