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Bestseller Cross Stitch Supplies Products

Dritz Hummingbird Needle Threader

Dritz Hummingbird Needle Threader This Dritz brand hummingbird needle threader includes a cover (that can easily be flipped up or down) for the needle threader, a cutter for easy cutting of threads, and a lanyard hole to make sure you don't lose this threader with your other stitching supplies. The slot in the needle threader portion of this tool is...

Twist 'N Select Needle Tube | Dritz

Use a needle tube to keep needles organized - perfect for storing extra cross stitch needles. There is a magnet at the bottom of this needle tube to make sure your needles don't go flying as you try to get a needle out of the tube. To select a needle from the tube, simply remove the cap and twist the...

8" x 10" Magnet Board Pattern Holder with Magnets | LoRan/Dritz

8" x 10" Magnet Board Pattern Holder with Magnets | LoRan/Dritz Attach your pattern to this metal 8" by 10" board to give a solid back behind your pattern. This board comes with a 6 inch magnetic ruler and three magnet strips (one magnet strip is 0.5" by 4" and two magnet strips are 0.5" by 3"). This board is...