Free Shipping on Orders Over $15 (within the United States)

Where I live in Indiana, there is no longer a stay-at-home order. This business is run out of my home, and I am the only worker, so I can easily continue to ship orders. If any issue comes up where I cannot ship someone's order, I will issue a full refund.

If I feel sick at any point, I'll temporarily shut down the website. At that point, I will have to focus on my health, and I will not want to be handling materials to be sent in the mail.

My supplier is running out of a lot of DMC colors. This may be because of manufacturing and shipping delays caused by coronavirus. Everything that is able to be ordered through my website is in stock and ready to be shipped. Unfortunately, I do not know when the floss colors will be back in stock.

I am currently shipping orders within a couple business days of the order being placed.

Stay safe everyone, and thank you to everyone who has ordered!