Free Shipping on Orders Over $30 (within the US)

This business is run out of my home, and I am the only worker, so I can easily continue to ship orders. If any issue comes up where I cannot ship someone's order, I will issue a full refund.

If I feel sick at any point, I'll temporarily shut down the website. At that point, I will have to focus on my health, and I will not want to be handling materials to be sent in the mail.

I do not currently have supply issues besides some companies that hand dye floss and fabric still trying to catch up from the first shut downs. I constantly try to order in floss and fabric that I am out of stock of, but it isn't uncommon for my suppliers to be out of some of the items.

I am currently shipping orders within a couple business days of the order being placed.

Stay safe everyone, and thank you to everyone who has ordered!