Free Shipping on Orders Over $30 (within the US)

The Cross Stitching Supplies website will be ending/closing in 2023. Once all inventory is sold, the website will be shut down.

As of February 2023, I will no longer be ordering in inventory. The only exceptions to this rule is for people who have gift cards (I will order in items for people who currently have gift cards), and I will order in items that I have already told suppliers I will purchase (this includes some new releases of patterns). I do have some orders from suppliers that I haven't added to the website yet, so a few items might receive more stock or new items may be added.

No inventory restocking means that I will not be attending the Nashville Needlework Market in 2023, and I will not be getting restocks of popular items (like Picture This Plus fabric).

As the weeks go by, I will be putting items on a sale and increasing the sale prices of items that are already on sale. Just remember, that if something sells out while you are waiting for me to increase the sale price, I will not restock it.

All rewards in your rewards account will be unusable after the website has closed, so be sure to redeem and use your rewards! The rewards cannot be exchanged for cash. Click "Your Rewards" in the menu at the top of this website to get to the rewards area of the website.

Coupons will no longer be sent with orders, but coupons you already have can be used until they expire. For a while now, I have been including a free gift with an order each day. I will no longer be continuing that as I move into this final stage of my business.

I hope to keep the same shipping time of shipping within two business days, but if a lot of orders come in after a category is put on sale, I may fall behind. If I do fall behind, I will put a pop-up on my website to alert people of the slower shipping times when they visit my website.

I know I will encounter more inventory errors as inventory gets lower. Sometimes an item is too flawed to send or the quantity on my website is off from what I have on hand. If you order something, and I don't have it in stock, you will be refunded for the amount of that item.

As items sell out, I occasionally will be removing the listings from my site. So, if you can't find something that you know I had in the past, it may be fully sold out.

I do have some items that never made it onto my website. My current plan is to have a live sale through my Facebook page (Cross Stitching Supplies) to sell these items. Items sold during the live sale will be discounted at least 30% from the recommended retail price. I am not sure of dates yet for the live sale(s).

Items currently on sale (sale prices will only increase)

More items will be discounted in the future, but I don't have a schedule for when items will be marked down. It all depends on the amount of orders that come through, and what I think I can handle. I don't want shipping times more than a week.

Currently, I expect my business to be around at least until the beginning of June.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of my Cross Stitching Supplies journey! I believe I have some of the best customers. Life is pulling me in a different direction that is out of the cross stitch industry. I am excited for the next journey, but I am sad that there is no possible way to keep this business going while pursuing other dreams.