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  • Dovo Hardanger Embroidery Scissors
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  • Dovo Hardanger Embroidery Scissors
  • Dovo Hardanger Embroidery Scissors
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Dovo Hardanger Embroidery Scissors

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Upgrade your embroidery scissors with this 3-1/2" long Dovo Hardanger embroidery scissors. The quality of embroidery scissors doesn't get much better than this!

These Dovo Embroidery scissors are crafted in Germany with the finest materials to create one of the best embroidery scissors. As you look through the listing images, notice how thin and sharp the tip of the blades get - that is only possible with a high quality metal. Also, notice the curve of the blades when the blades are separated from each other. The curve in the blades allows for crisp, clean cuts of embroidery threads as the edges of the blades glide against each other - creating a perfect cut along any part of the scissor blades.

A leather sheath is also included in order to protect the blades of this valuable pair of Dovo embroidery scissors when not in use.

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