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Christmas Cross Stitch Project: Free Pattern

I hope you enjoy this simple, Christmas cross stitch project. This is a great way to make a cute, Christmas decoration in a couple of hours.

To create this Christmas piece, we are going to cover a canvas with fabric and then cross stitch with yarn on it. Feel free to be creative with your fabric and yarn designs/colors.

Christmas tree cross stitched on canvas completed


You will need:


How to Make a Simple Christmas Canvas Piece

First, cover your 9" x 12" canvas with your fabric of choice. The easiest way to attach the fabric is with a hot glue gun. Simply glue the edges of the fabric to the back of the canvas.


Canvas covered with christmas themed fabric

Tape the free Christmas tree pattern to the front of the canvas (be sure to center the pattern on the canvas). Poke a hole with a yarn needle through the pattern, fabric, and canvas at every corner of a square filled in with green (green squares signify where one cross stitch 'x'  will be stitched).


Holes poked for the cross stitch christmas piece

 Remove the pattern from the canvas. Use the pattern as reference to stitch the pattern on the canvas. Using the holes you poked through the fabric and canvas, cross stitch an 'x' at the corresponding spot on the canvas for every green square on the pattern.

First few cross stitches in christmas canvas piece

 Once the whole pattern is stitched, add a bow and some ribbon to your piece if you would like.

Your Christmas tree cross stitch piece is now ready to display!

Christmas Tree Cross Stitch project surrounded by ornaments

Next, maybe try to see if you can come up with your own original design to stitch onto a canvas.

Thank you so much for reading this post! I hope you have fun trying out this simple, cross stitch project!




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