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  • 16 Count EZ count white aida embroidery fabric
  • 16 Count easy count white aida from Zweigart
  • 16 count white aida top view shown with floss
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16 Count Aida - Easy Count White - Zweigart

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16 Count Aida - Easy Count White from Zweigart

Zweigart fabric is a favorite of many stitchers due to the great quality of the fabric. Many stitchers like that Zweigart aida isn't super stiff, which makes it easier to work with (for most stitchers).

Easy Count fabric is also referred to as EZ Count or Easy Grid.

The gray grid that marks every tenth thread in this fabric makes counting for cross stitch pieces especially easy. This fabric is perfect for full coverage pieces because the grid/fabric will be fully covered by the stitching, and the grid will not need to be washed out of the fabric.

If the grid needs to be washed out of the fabric, Zweigart recommends 40°C (104F) and 40 minutes in the washing machine. If some of the grid is still showing after washing the piece, wash it again. Zweigart claims it is important to wash the piece in a washing machine and not wash it by hand, but you can also try soaking your piece in a bath of about 90 degree water with a gentle cleaner like Oxyclean until the lines are gone (usually about one hour).

Zweigart Easy Count white aida is closest in color to DMC BLANC.

All edges of fabric ordered will be serged.

100% Cotton

Made in Germany

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